Border fake!

Fake: Ukrainians fleeing country due to pressure from Ukrainian authorities

That’s according to Russia’s defense ministry.

According to the claim, “Ukrainians, subjected to pressure from the Ukrainian authorities, are forced to flee to Romania, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary.” The statement went on to allege that the checkpoints are poorly equipped so there are no rest zones, food supplies or medical care on the border and that refugees are actually forced to wait in long lines out in the cold, including children.

It is also claimed that traffic jams at the border stretch for tens of kilometers and that it takes refugees several days to cross out.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has refuted these allegations, reporting that at almost all border crossing points, no long lines are observed either for vehicles or those crossing out by foot. Border crossing points are well equipped and volunteers provide due assistance to refugees on both sides of the border. This is evidenced by numerous TV reports, produced by both Ukrainian and foreign media. And the reason civilians, including foreign nationals, are fleeing the country is the horror of atrocities committed by the Russian military: shelling in residential neighborhoods, the bombs and Grad rockets with which the Russian monsters are killing Ukrainians. Besides, no lines or traffic jams had been observed at the border